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Massachusetts Guardianship & Conservatorship Services

Guardians and conservators are people or agencies appointed to protect people who are unable to make informed decisions in their own best interest due to minority or some cognitive incapacity. Both guardians and conservators are accountable to the court through which they were appointed.  In Massachusetts, guardians are required to file annual Guardian’s Care Plan Reports to inform the court  of what the guardian is doing to meet the needs of the incapacitated person they have been appointed to protect.

After we assist our clients to complete the initial Care Plan Report, many of them find they can submit updated reports independently and confidently.

Conservators are required to file regular accounts with the court, listing the assets, income and expenses of the person they have been appointed to protect.  Conservator accounts can be a daunting responsibility for individuals who are unfamiliar with the court forms and expectations.

We provide our clients with assistance when they need it, and offer guidance and support to those who prefer to complete the accounts themselves.